Firefox Installer Explains Why the Brave Browser Can not Use Bitcoin in Place of BAT
Firefox Installer Explains Why the Brave Browser Can not Use Bitcoin in Place of BAT

Brevean Eich, CEO of Brave Browser, who created Firefox and JavaScript, clarified the Brave team’s decision to use a coin called BAT over Bitcoin to encourage publishers on the network.

BAT on Bitcoin
As CCN reported last month, the Brave Browser is experiencing a rapid growth rate throughout 2018, reaching 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Since its inception in 2016, Brave has consistently collaborated with publishers and publishers such as YouTube and Twitch flags to reward content creators with CryptoCurrency payments.

The Brave Browser was first launched, and for the next three quarters, Brave Browser used Bitcoin, the browser’s most dominant cryptographic currency, as the browser’s main crypto currency.

On 3 September Eich explained:

“In 2016 or the first three quarters of 2017, we read our block to avoid the driver not responding to the use of Brave or to read our block. 2016 fell to 2017 and discovered the problems we had.

According to Eich, Bitcoin was too slow and expensive to buy in large quantities for distribution to publishers. The non-Bitcoin problem could have been permanent on Ethereum and any other blockchain, which was not equipped with a helper icon specially designed to encourage a large publisher network.

“We used Bitcoin, it was very slow and expensive to buy in moderate quantities. Also, we could not give a grant to their users, because no bitcoin owner was willing to give us a large pool of coins to distribute. You might think that these are not bitcoin problems. Eich added, for our users.

Promotional Publishers Complex
Digital content creators, especially popular YouTube channels and Twitch flags, operate as fully established companies with many employees who are required to complete tasks in a wide variety of venues.

For this reason, Eich stated that most businesses and publishers are not too interested in crypto holding or selling, but prefer to use their revenues to cover their costs.

To understand the needs of publishers, Brave Browser has partnered with Uphold to ensure that every publisher on the network receives their incentives via fiat or crypto.

Eich emphasized more:

“Almost all businesses, especially. Advertisers and publishers do not want to buy, keep or sell cryptos. Crypto is the bleeding of things with edge loss, and it is easy to lose with loss of key without the loss and other possibilities that people expect. We do not want any publisher to accept any crypto. We cooperate with Uphold for many fiat and crypto and for change.

In fact, Eich stated that the Brave Browser team should turn from Bitcoin to an independent blockchain network called BAT because of the high degree of anonymity and scalability needed to support a browser with thousands of publishers and content creators.

Finally, Coinbase, the world’s largest crypto-currency intermediary and exchange, announced plans to include BAT as one of the first ERC20 markers on the platform.


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