Not a ticket for Riches: Average Cryptojacking Website makes $ 5.80 a day
Not a ticket for Riches: Average Cryptojacking Website makes $ 5.80 a day


The average amount of money CryptoJacker makes in a day places them right under the developed world’s poverty line.

A study by researchers at the Braunschweig University of Technology in Germany came to the forefront, revealing that even though some high-traffic websites are making profits from crypto-screaming, the averages only succeeded in achieving minimum returns.

“These websites average 24,721 visitors a day and average about 3 minutes. For this reason, a weekly report titled “Web-based Cryptojacking in Wild”, researchers observed an average of 1.550 core hours and a time of 0.17 to 89.000 hours in total. “With a mining rate of 80 H / s and CoinHive’s average mining average of $ 5.8 a day and a web site per day, we can see that the web-based crypto-lobster has only limited profits now.”

Despite the low payment of average encrypted websites, some of the profitable illegal crypto mining websites in the top 10 are between $ 119 and $ 340.

The study, conducted by Marius Musch, Christian Wressnegger, Martin Johns and Konrad Rieck, said that a web site (about 0.2%) in every 500 has a web-based mine for cryptographic currencies, like mono. . The study was limited to Alexa’s up to one million list of websites.

Pornography ranked high on the type of content that Cryptojackers used to attract visitors to their websites. Other types of content preferred by crypto-hunters included entertainment, technology, and work. The researchers also found that most of the cryptography websites found the presentations of the USA, Russia, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Inefficient Detection Methods
Researchers have come to the conclusion that in existing methods used to detect the presence of crypto-harmful software, they are far from being effective. Researchers have proposed a hybrid approach to both static and dynamic analysis. In addition, researchers have called on browser developers to introduce methods of detecting crypto mining activities, for example, by applying sequential processor quotas to indicate that crypto-mining has not taken place.

Despite all the bad pressures that Web-based CryptoCurrency mining has gained, researchers have noted that legitimate use cases should be appreciated.

“Web-based mining certainly has legal use cases, and as a monetization plan, it could be an alternative to online advertising,” the researchers said. “In addition, mining can even take the place of CAPTCHAs used for rate limiting, requiring proof of business.”


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