Surge General Counsel Leaving Cryptocurrency Company Between Class-Action Dispute over XRP
Surge General Counsel Leaving Cryptocurrency Company Between Class-Action Dispute over XRP
ripple xrp cryptocurrencyAt the inauguration of Cryptocurrency, Ripple, a senior lawyer, left the company and confirmed the spokesman to Blockinsider on Friday.

Brynly Llyr, who joined the San Francisco-based Blockchain company in November 2016 as a company general advisor and has been in office for nearly two years, is no longer with the organization. Llyr’s departure from Ripple was first reported by Quartz.

In a statement, a Ripple spokesperson confirmed the move and said the blockchain company was “grateful” for the company’s work.

“We can say that Brynly Llyr came out of Ripple. We are grateful for everything you did to help create an incredible team that will continue to focus on the past year and beyond. We hope for the best in Brynly in his next work and the team at Ripple looks at the next division that we will continue to lead in this ever-evolving and unchanging sector.

Previously, he directed “class actions and complicated cases” for eBay and also spent time at PayPal after e-commerce giant departed according to LinkedIn’s profile.

Llyr’s departure prepares him to defend himself against various class action lawsuits, claiming that Ripple is the distribution of the XRP cryptos, the majority Ripple, as a security, and the company’s XRP (which is often referred to as the common). “Fluctuation”) is an illegal offer of securities.

The spokesman did not answer whether Llyr’s departure would have any effect on this legal battle. However, Hacked reported in July that the company had a heavy work force to supervise the case of the XRP not being a security: Mary Jo White, former president of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the agency that determines whether an entity is required by the federal government as a security.

Ripple was denied for his part that XRP is a security long. The SEC, meanwhile, did not publicly disclose the matter, but the authorities state that the only two crypto moneys with higher circulation values ​​- plant and ether – XRP – should not be classified as securities under the current US law.


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